The Magic of Malay Weddings: A Comprehensive Guide to Malay Wedding Packages

Wedding floral arrangement

Malay weddings hold immense significance within Malay culture, embodying extravagant celebrations that encompass a multitude of events, each steeped in its own unique set of rituals and customs. A pivotal aspect of organizing a remarkable Malay wedding revolves around the selection of suitable Malay wedding packages.

In Singapore, Malay weddings showcase distinctive customs and traditions that are deeply ingrained within the Malay culture, explaining why couples spare no effort in meticulously planning their dream weddings. The process of orchestrating a wedding itself can be overwhelming, and when intertwined with the inclusion of traditional customs and traditions, it becomes an even more demanding undertaking.

Despite the evolution of Malay weddings over time, certain fundamental traditions derived from Malay and Muslim cultures endure to this day. Familiarizing oneself with these essential customs and traditions becomes imperative for anyone preparing for a memorable Malay wedding in Singapore. In this article, we will explore the different Malay Wedding Packages and a few information about Malay weddings.

Malay Wedding Traditions

Deep-rooted customs and cultural practices that shape joyful unions. Explore the rich tapestry of rituals, as families come together to honor heritage and create lifelong memories. Discover the significance of traditional elements, symbolizing love, unity, and blessings, in the enchanting tapestry of Malay weddings.


In Malay culture, an important tradition known as “merisik” takes place, wherein the family of the groom pays a visit to the bride’s family home. This visit holds significant meaning as it signifies the initial step towards a potential marriage alliance. Accompanying the groom’s family are an engagement ring and various gifts, which serve as symbols of their intention.

During the merisik ceremony, an intimate gathering takes place, and the discussion primarily revolves around the couple’s compatibility, the upcoming solemnization ceremony, and the financial aspects related to the marriage, including the dowry. In modern times, where couples often have already undergone a dating and getting-to-know-you phase, the focus during the merisik ceremony primarily shifts towards matters such as the customary gifts exchange known as “hantaran” and the timeframe between the engagement and the actual wedding day.

The merisik ceremony, with its deep-rooted traditions and meaningful discussions, plays a crucial role in establishing a foundation for the forthcoming stages of the Malay wedding journey, fostering communication and understanding between the families involved.

The Engagement (Adat Bertunang)

The engagement ceremony, known as “Adat Bertunang” in Malay weddings, is an important pre-wedding ritual that holds great significance in Malay culture. It serves as an official announcement of the couple’s intention to marry and is a joyous occasion filled with customs and traditions.

The engagement ceremony typically takes place several months before the actual wedding and involves the coming together of the two families to formalize the union. It serves as a binding agreement between the couple and their families, signifying their commitment and intent to proceed with the marriage.

During the engagement ceremony, the couple is seated side by side, surrounded by their close family members and friends. A religious figure, such as an Imam, may be present to recite prayers and offer blessings for the couple’s future.

After the exchange of gifts, the couple is officially declared engaged. The families then proceed to perform the “seserahan” ritual, where the bride receives a set of traditional Malay attire and accessories from the groom’s family. The bride may also receive other gifts such as cosmetics, perfumes, or personal items. This ritual symbolizes the groom’s family’s acceptance of the bride into their household.

The engagement ceremony is often followed by a small reception or “majlis berinai,” where close relatives and friends are invited to celebrate the occasion. It is a time for joyous festivities, music, and dance. Traditional Malay delicacies and dishes are served to guests, showcasing the rich culinary heritage of the Malay culture.

The engagement ceremony holds deep cultural and familial significance in Malay weddings. It is a time of bonding, celebration, and the coming together of two families. The traditions and rituals associated with the adat bertunang add a special touch to the wedding preparations, setting the stage for a harmonious and blessed union between the couple.

Customary Gifts (Hantaran) vs Dowry (Mas Kahwin)

In traditional Malay weddings, both the Hantaran and Mas kahwin hold cultural significance and are important components of the wedding ceremony.  They are part of the customary gift-giving practices. However, there are notable distinctions between these two customs. 

The Hantaran is a voluntary expression of gratitude and respect, while the Mas kahwin carries a mandatory obligation from the groom to provide a gift to the bride’s family. These customs reflect values, strengthen family ties, and symbolizes the couple’s commitment and the merging of two families. 

Henna Night (Malam Berinai) 

Henna Night, also known as Mehndi NIght, is a cherished pre-wedding tradition that shares some similarities with a bachelorette party. It is an enchanting event where the bride-to-be and her close friends and family gather to celebrate and partake in various customs and rituals. 

During Henna NIght, the atmosphere is filled with joy, music and laughter as the bride and her loved ones engage in festivities. One of the many highlights of the evening is the application of henna, a natural dye made from the henna plant, on the hands and feet of the bride and sometimes of the guests as well. 

Skilled artists create intricate and beautiful designs, symbolizing good luck, love, and family. The process is accompanied by singing traditional songs and dances. Henna NIght is also a time for the bride and her bridesmaids to bond and celebrate their upcoming union. Delicious food and refreshments are served, allowing everyone to indulge in traditional delicacies and culinary delights. 

Solemnisation Ceremony (Akad Nikah) – these days are many Nikah take place on the same day prior to the lunch or dinner reception (fyi too)

This event takes place two days before the Malay wedding reception. During this solemn occasion, the presence of the solemnizer , known as the kadi, sets the stage for the groom to assume his responsibilities and make his marital vows. With the grace and wisdom of the kadi, the groom engages in a heartfelt conversation about the commitment he is about to undertake. This dialogue reinforces the groom’s understanding of his role. It also serves as a reminder of the solemnity and sanctity of marriage.

To further seal this sacred bond, the groom presents the mas kahwin, a symbolic gift to the bride. The mas kahwin is often in the form of cash or a cherished token such as a ring or a bracelet.  The mas kahwin represents the groom’s commitment to provide for and protect his bride. It serves as a tangible expression of love and a gesture of sincerity.

The Wedding Reception (Bersanding)

The wedding reception in a Malay wedding is a joyous feast that serves as a grand announcement of the newlywed couple to their beloved families and friends. Traditionally, separate functions were held for the bride and groom, but in today’s modern society, many couples opt for a joint celebration due to its practicality and cost-effectiveness.

The bersanding ceremony is one of the significant highlights of the wedding reception. The ceremony symbolizes the formal welcoming of the couple by their guests. The newlyweds take their seats on a beautifully decorated dais. As guests approach the couple, they convey their heartfelt congratulations, blessings, and well-wishes, further cementing the bonds of love and support.

Kompang Entrance

The konmpang is a traditional Malay hand drum. Along with the rhythmic beats of the kompang, the groom’s family and friends proudly escort him to meet his beloved bride. The kompang entrance, enchanting adorned with vibrant bunga manggar decorations, marks a moment of joy and anticipation on the wedding day.

The mesmerizing art of the silat, a traditional Malay martial arts performance, accompanies the kompang entrance. The kompang entrance and silat performances add a touch of cultural splendor to the wedding festivities and serve as a symbol of unity, celebration, and the beginning of a new chapter in the couple’s lives.

The Gatecrash ( Handang)

As the groom approaches his bride he is accompanied by the watchful eyes and playful spirits of the bride’s family and friends. Along this path, he encounters a series of delightful “obstacles” that add joy and excitement to the celebration.

The groom resorts to poetry and recites heartfelt verses to express his love and devotion to his beloved. In the midst of laughter, the groom is encouraged to serenade the gathering and dance to express his elation and eagerness to embark on this lifelong journey with his beloved.

Tepung Tawar

The Tepung Tawar is a beautiful ritual brought to life as blessings rain down upon the newlyweds, surrounding them with protection and warding off evil. This ceremony symbolizes the purity that will guide the couple on their journey through married life.

In this ceremony, grains of rice flour gently fall upon the hands of the couple.  The pure white color of the grains signifies the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. The ceremony represents the couple’s commitment to nurture and cherish their bond, fostering a life filled with harmony and love. 

As time progresses and society evolves, it is amazing to witness how certain customs and traditions continue to be part of the joyous and extravagant Malay wedding celebrations. The planning and execution for your wedding day can be simple and smooth if you opt for malay wedding packages. These wedding packages are a popular choice for couples planning their special day. These packages offer various services, all bundled together into a convenient package.

Wedding packages are cost-effective and take a lot of hassle and stress out of planning a perfect wedding. You have the peace of mind that professionals are behind the planning and coordination of these packages. There are several Malay wedding packages to choose from. To ensure a truly personalized and memorable experience, couples must take the time to explore and select a wedding package that meets their needs, preferences, and budget.  

Essential Components of a Malay Wedding Package

Opting for a wedding package can bring convenience and peace of mind. It can relieve you from the burden of arranging every intricate detail of your wedding. A wedding package can also  ensure a more affordable and stress-free experience. A wedding package includes these items:

The Wedding Venue

The wedding venue is one of the most crucial components of malay wedding packages. Pick a wedding package that offers a wide range of venue options. Traditionally, Malay weddings consist of many guests, so the venue should be able to accommodate your guest list comfortably. Your chosen venue should also have the right ambiance for the gotong-royong and kampung spirit. The venue should also offer all amenities such as tables, chairs, sound system, and lighting. 

Wedding Attire and Accessories

Depending on the malay wedding packages you are considering, some would include the wedding attire and accessories of the bride and groom. The Malay wedding attire consists of the baju kurung, baju Melayu, songket, and accessories like headpieces, jewelry, and shoes. Check out Mekar wedding packages . 

Traditional Wedding Customs and Rituals

Some malay wedding packages in Singapore include traditional wedding customs and traditions. The packages may consist of the berinai (The Henna Night for the bride), which provides for the henna artist, or the bersanding (greeting guests at the reception). The extent of including these traditional customs and rituals varies depending on the wedding package.

Wedding Decorations

Malay Wedding Decor

The décor is another crucial element of any Malay wedding in Singapore. The décor helps create a memorable and beautiful atmosphere for the reception. Wedding packages often include wedding decorations. Décor options include floral arrangements, wedding arches, table settings, table centerpieces, lighting, and decorative backdrops. The décor fits the wedding theme. 

At Mekar, malay wedding packages include decors in various styles and colors to match your wedding theme. They’ll provide everything that you need to have a successful Malay wedding.

Food and Beverage

Malay weddings are known for their sumptuous feasts. Therefore wedding catering is a crucial element of the wedding package. Find wedding packages that offer a diverse menu. More importantly, the catering team should be professional, experienced and provide high-quality presentation and service. The experienced chef at Mekar Wedding Venue will work with you to create a special menu for your dream Malay wedding.

Entertainment and Music

Malay weddings are always known to include superb music and entertainment for guests. Search for malay wedding packages that include various entertainment options such as traditional live performances, live music, and DJs. The music and entertainment should fit your wedding theme and preferences. They should also keep your guests entertained throughout your wedding reception.

Photography and Videography

Your wedding day should be well-documented. Photos and videos capture emotions and memories of your wedding day, which you can keep for a lifetime. Mekar’s malay wedding packages include professional photography and videography services with skilled and experienced photographers and videographers

Wedding Favors and Gifts

A Malay wedding is a celebration of commitment and love. Wedding favors and gifts are memorable mementos of a Malay wedding that serve as a token of appreciation to guests. They also represent the newlywed’s appreciation and gratitude for celebrating their special day with them. 

Wedding Planning and Coordination Services

Planning a Malay wedding can be a daunting process. The many details of the wedding can be overwhelming. Working with a wedding planner and coordinator can make the process stress-free and ensure your special day goes smoothly.  

Professional wedding planners and coordinators have years of experience planning and executing wedding days. They have the expertise to handle all aspects of your wedding. They know how to stick to your budget and offer personalized service. It is always a good idea to look closely into what malay wedding packages include so you know the additional items or services you need to source separately.

Choosing the Right Malay Wedding Package

Malay weddings are joyous occasions filled with Malay culture and traditions and some modern touches. Malay wedding packages help couples make their wedding preparations smooth and stress-free because of the various items and services included in the wedding package. Several malay wedding packages are available, and it is often difficult to choose which is a perfect fit for your wedding day. Here are some tips on choosing the perfect Malay wedding package.

Know your Needs and Preferences

The first step in planning your wedding day is to discuss with your spouse-to-be the initial details of your wedding. Have an idea of the size of your guest list and the type of wedding you want, including the venue, any customs and traditions you want included, and the theme. You want to choose a wedding package that aligns with your vision

Set a Budget

Malay wedding packages vary in price depending on what items and services are included in the package. Set a budget for your wedding before shopping around for malay wedding packages. Your budget will help you make a short list of choices and ensure you are within what you intend to spend for your wedding.  Malay wedding packages vary in price depending on the items and services that go with the package.

Research Potential Wedding Packages

Shop for malay wedding packages that are within your budget and preferences. Many couples inquire about three to five wedding packages so they can make a wise choice. You can also ask your friends and family for some recommendations.

Compare Wedding Packages and Services

Wedding packages and services are the most challenging part of planning for your wedding day, but after you have made a choice, the remainder of the process will be stress-free. Compare Malay wedding packages from different vendors based on the included items and services, the menu, the choice of venue, and the cost. Sometimes couples also have the ease of communicating with the wedding planner and coordinator as a factor to consider when choosing the right vendor. 

You can also consider the flexibility of the wedding packages. Some wedding packages allow you to customize some aspects of your wedding. Before making your final vendor choice, research and read reviews. Look for feedback from past customers or family and friends with experience with malay wedding packages.

Reviewing Contracts and Agreements

You have chosen the Malay wedding package and are now reading to sign the contract and agreement. Read the contract carefully before signing. Ensure every agreed term, condition, service, and item, as well as delivery and setup, are included in the contract. Understand the payment terms, especially the payment schedules. You should also check the vendor’s cancellation policy if you change the date or cancel the wedding. 

Make sure you understand all the details included in the contract. Additionally, please keep a copy of the agreement so you can refer to it throughout the planning process and your wedding day. Follow these tips and have the peace of mind that your wedding day will be as planned. Always coordinate with your wedding planner and coordinator and keep track of your budget and schedules. More importantly, enjoy preparing for your wedding day!


Weddings are one of the most important events in Malay culture. In today’s modern world Malay weddings still include distinct customs and traditions from the engagement through the wedding day. The venue, customs and traditions, decorations, catering services, music and entertainment, photography and videography, along with the expert services of a wedding planner and coordinator are essential components of malay wedding packages

Be meticulous in choosing your Malay wedding package. The Malay wedding package offered by Mekar remains a popular choice of couples planning their special day. Contact us and together let us make your wedding day and event you will treasure for a lifetime!

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