8 Must-Have Services for the Perfect Malay Wedding in Singapore

Whether you are planning a grand and lavish wedding or a more intimate and personal affair, here are eight must-have services for the perfect Malay wedding in Singapore. So, if you are getting ready to tie the knot and looking for inspiration, read on to learn more!

Event planning and coordination

Event planning and coordination is an essential service for any wedding. It involves overseeing the planning and execution of all aspects of the wedding. This includes the initial planning stages to the day of the event itself.

An event planner and coordinator will work with the bride and groom to understand the flow of the wedding. They will plan and organize all the details, such as the wedding date and venue, guest list, attire, and menu. They would also help manage the budget, coordinate with vendors, and handle all the wedding logistics.

On the wedding day, a coordinator will be present to ensure everything runs smoothly and according to plan. They will manage the vendors, ensure all details have been taken care of, and that the timeline of events is followed. They would act as the point of contact for all vendors, the couple, and the family. Coordinators are the backbone of a successful wedding day by taking care of the small but essential details.

A dedicated event planner and coordinator can help alleviate the stress and worry in planning your wedding. This allows the bride and groom to enjoy their special day without worrying about all the logistics and details of planning a wedding.


Catering is an important service for a traditional Malay wedding in Singapore. It means providing food and drinks for the wedding reception. It usually includes preparing the food, cooking it, setting up a buffet or sit-down meal, and serving the food to the guests.

The caterer can work with the couple to design a menu based on their preferences and dietary restrictions. It could be traditional Malay cuisine, halal food, or other food and drinks. They may also provide table settings, tablecloths, and other decorations as part of their service. 

The caterer will also be responsible for managing the logistics of serving the food and drinks to guests. This includes ensuring that the food stays hot and fresh and that drinks are refilled as necessary. They also clean up after the event, including taking care of the dishes and disposing of food waste.

Catering service is vital to ensure the guests are well-fed and happy throughout the reception. It also provides the bride and groom peace of mind, knowing that professionals handle the food preparations. It is also an important part of the wedding reception and sets the tone for the whole event.

Photography and Videography

Photography and videography help capture memories of the wedding day that can be treasured for years. A wedding photographer takes pictures throughout the wedding. They will typically provide a wide range of photographs, from posed portraits to candid shots that capture the emotions and moments of the day.

Wedding videography involves capturing the wedding ceremony and reception on film. This can provide a more immersive and dynamic record of the day’s events. Wedding videographers typically use multiple cameras and may also use drones to capture aerial footage. They will typically provide a highlights reel and a longer video that captures the wedding day.

The photos and videos give you and your family a permanent record of the special day. These memories can be looked back on and shared with future generations. It’s an important aspect of the wedding that will help in remembering the special day, the emotions, the smiles, and the laughter.

It’s essential to consider the style of photography and videography you want for your wedding. You could select traditional posed shots or a more photojournalistic approach. And make sure to choose a photographer or videographer whose style and portfolio you like so that you are happy with the final product. 

Makeup and hair

Bridal makeup and hair services are important aspects of a traditional Malay wedding. Hiring a professional makeup artist and hairstylist helps the bride look her best on her special day. A makeup artist typically works with the bride to create a beautiful, flattering look. She will consider the bride’s skin tone, facial features, and overall style. They will typically use high-quality makeup products that last throughout the wedding day. A good makeup artist will also be able to create a look appropriate for the traditional Malay wedding setting and the traditional attire worn by the bride.

Similarly, a hairstylist will work with the bride to create a hairstyle that complements her overall look. She will consider the style of the traditional attire worn by the bride, as well as her face shape, hair type, and personal preference. They will typically use hair care products to keep the hair shiny and healthy throughout the day. A good hairstylist can also create a hairstyle that will hold well under the tudung (traditional headwear).

Makeup and hair services are not just for the bride but can also be extended to the groom and the wedding party. They can also provide a special service for the bride’s mother, sister, and other female family members. It’s important to schedule a trial run with the makeup artist and hairstylist before the wedding day so that you can get a sense of how you will look on the big day and make any adjustments as needed.

Floral arrangements and decorations

This can include flowers for the wedding ceremony and reception and decor for the reception venue. Floral arrangements and decorations are essential in creating a visually stunning and memorable traditional Malay wedding. Flowers are often used to decorate the wedding ceremony and reception venues. They also create bouquets and other arrangements for the bride, groom, and wedding party.

A professional florist can work with the couple to create floral arrangements that match the overall style and theme of the wedding. They will consider the couple’s color scheme, personal preferences, and the types of flowers in season. They can create various floral arrangements, including bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids or flower petals for the aisle. They may also include garlands, flower arrangements for the wedding stage, and centerpieces for the reception tables.

Flower decoration is not limited to traditional red roses and white lilies. It can be an interesting mix of flowers, textures, and colors. The florist may suggest traditional flowers for Malay weddings, like frangipani, orchids, roses, and jasmine flowers. In addition to flowers, florists can also provide other types of decorations for the wedding ceremony and reception venues. This can include things like candles, lanterns, fairy lights and other decor types that can help set the mood and create an ambiance.

It’s important to work with a professional florist who can create beautiful and appropriate arrangements for a traditional Malay wedding. They will also take care of the setup, maintenance, and teardown of the flower arrangements and decorations.

Pelamin Decorations

Pelamin decorations are an important part of the traditional wedding ceremony. The Pelamin, or the wedding stage, symbolizes the couple’s union. It is where the bride and groom will sit during the ceremony and receive their guests, and the wedding vows are exchanged.

Pelamin decorations can vary in style and complexity, depending on the preferences and budget of the couple. Some pelamin decorations may feature simple floral arrangements. Others may include elaborate designs with detailed carvings and embellishments.

The use of vibrant colors and traditional motifs is common in Pelamin decorations. It is a representation of the culture, culture, and customs of the Malay community. It can also be decorated with lighting and other visual effects to enhance the ambiance and create a more immersive experience for guests. Overall, the pelamin is essential to a traditional Malay wedding and a beautiful backdrop for celebrating the couple’s union.


Transportation is an important aspect of a traditional Malay wedding in Singapore. It ensures that the bride, groom, and wedding party arrive safely and on time at the wedding ceremony and reception. Transportation services for weddings typically include cars or buses that can be used to transport the bride, groom, and wedding party to and from the wedding ceremony and reception. Cars are often used to transport the bride and groom, while buses are often used to transport the wedding party and guests. The transportation services may include hiring decorated cars such as limousines or luxury cars. These cars are decorated with flowers, ribbons, and other wedding-themed decorations.

It’s important to consider the size and number of vehicles required to transport the wedding party and guests. Also, the distance and time required to travel to the wedding ceremony and reception venues. It’s also important to consider the parking and traffic conditions near the venues.

You may want to consider a transportation company that has experience in providing transportation services for weddings. This is because they will have the necessary vehicles and drivers and be familiar with the routes and traffic conditions. Additionally, having a transportation service for the wedding party and guests can ensure that everyone arrives at the event on time and in style.

Music and entertainment

Music and entertainment services at a Malay wedding can add a lot of energy, excitement, and cultural tradition to the event. One traditional form of entertainment that is often featured in Malay weddings is a gamelan ensemble. A gamelan ensemble typically includes a variety of percussion instruments. It is often used in ceremonial and religious events in Southeast Asian countries. The ensemble can provide background music during the wedding ceremony or reception. They can also perform traditional dances or other pieces to entertain guests.

Another common form of entertainment in Malay weddings is live music, such as a band or solo musician. Depending on the couple’s preference, these performers can play a mix of traditional Malay and modern songs. This will entertain the guests and make the event lively. In addition to live music, DJ services are often included in Malay weddings. DJs can play various music, take requests from guests and help keep the party atmosphere going.

Other forms of traditional entertainment that can be included in a Malay wedding include dance performances, cultural skits, or plays. Some couples may also choose Western-style entertainment, such as a photo booth or a magician, to add a modern touch to their wedding.

Overall, having music and entertainment services at a Malay wedding can create a festive atmosphere and add an extra layer of cultural tradition to the event. 

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